Sleep hygiene

‘Sleep hygiene’, is  a new expression for me, yet suddenly I am seeing it all about. It seems to mean the habits you should get into to achieve a good nights sleep. No coffee, no alcohol before bed , putting down the phone – you get the idea. To me they are missing a big point – bedroom … More Sleep hygiene


Recently I locked myself out of my car while working  – yes stupid but I learnt a lesson. Self locking cars are great until you throw everything – including your bag and phone into the passenger seat and walk around to get into the driver’s door.   I put my hand to the door handle and heard that locking … More Helpless

A word about keys

When all goes right we have them. When we don’t it is no fun. I have stood outside my apartment at 11pm, after doing a garbage run, with nothing but a set of keys to my car, grabbed by mistake.  No, thank god I wasn’t naked.  After hours locksmiths, are no fun and expensive. If only I … More A word about keys


I spend a lot of time in my car.   Maybe you do to? My car didn’t always smell that great, now it does – the difference? It’s Cuddly. Next time you are in the supermarket grab one of these little plastic tubes of cuddly fabric softener. Personally the original smell does it for me but there … More Cuddly?


When I was young my girlfriend loved lamingtons.  I never quite got it – ok, it’s cake and it’s chocolate but underwhelming. Then I learned the secret – the smaller the lamington the more chocolate in relationship to the cake  – and frankly that’s what its all about. Size does matter… SO easy to make. … More Lamingtons

rhubarb + tea = yum

I love rhubarb but I have been cooking it all wrong my whole life.  Maybe you have been too? Stewing/simmering in a little water and sugar as grandma used to do results in a stringy sloppy mess. Try baking it  – 20 minutes at 180 degrees in a shallow dish covered in a solution of tea. Yep tea. I am … More rhubarb + tea = yum