Things that make you happy.

Things you love.


Indulge me for a moment …

Think about the five things that you love. Not people, not clothes, but things, items you own. Maybe books, paintings, ornaments? Silly things… Things that make you smile and bring you joy. Nostalgic things – maybe given to you by a favourite aunt or once belonged to your mum.

Where are they?

Can you see them everyday?

Are they clean and in good order?

If not, why not?

Living a good life is surrounding yourself by things that make you happy. If your favourites are in the cupboard or in the garage waiting for the right shelf, the right house, don’t wait, get them out and enjoy them now and every day. Yes it’s about de cluttering your home but the other part is allowing the things you love some space. Put them in pride of place in your home and let them make you smile.



5 thoughts on “Things that make you happy.

  1. OMG – such words of wisdom. I sense compromises on way in lieu of household pow-wow – (some of) Nan’s beautiful teacups may shortly be out of newspaper – Thank you for the important reason !!! xx


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