Hello.  I am a home stylist, professional organiser, traveller, space consultant, blogger (follow at the base of this page) and declutterer.

There are 4 main areas of my business.

Life Without Strings

I show you how to declutter and live in a more stylish way, with Life Without Strings membership group. Designed to give you online projects that lead you towards a more organised life.  I hold your hand and step by step, help you to get control back into your life. We start at the fridge and work through your home and life, organising insurances, photographs, wardrobes and bathroom cabinets.  For this I charge a monthly subscription.

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Nici Stanford decluttering & home styling.

If you need more specialised, one on one help I can come to you.  Let’s work together to show off the natural assets of your property, and the beautiful things you own. We can sort out your ‘stuff’ and style your home for sale, or just for you.  Projects that you have been putting off for years can be organised; the big birthday party; getting your holiday home ready for Airbnb or photographs and family memories catalogued.

It’s amazing what we can do in a day to present your home in a better, clearer way.  I can make an action plan for you and can source things for you to make it all work together.  Cushions, throw rugs, plants and flowers all adding to a beautiful finished look. The room below was dark and dull, now with a few new items and paint it comes to life.



Let’s declutter, so you live with the things you need and love. I can work on solutions for clothes you can’t bear to part with, and items that you love but don’t use. Your kitchen can be, an organised easy to use space. For this service I charge an hourly fee, with a 3 hour minimum.

Disorder to order, empty to finished. Chaos to calm.


Fossic by Nici Stanford is my range of  tactile, handmade stone necklaces.  Each piece is unique. The stones have naturally occurring holes, which if you have ever looked for them, are rare. I find them on my travels in the Greek, Croatian and British islands. The stones are combined with rubber and sterling silver to make one of a kind necklaces. Sailors taught me how to tie the connecting knots.


My blog is about my love of travel.

I style.  I teach – Life Without Strings.  I organise.  I shop.  I travel.  I create – Fossic.