I can help you sort out the ‘stuff’ and style your home for sale or just for you. Let’s work together on the natural assets of your property, and the beautiful things you own.

Talking to clients I  often discover, in response to my ‘what are you five favourite possessions’ question that the items they treasure are not on display or not even reachable. They are waiting for the right time, the right house or the right piece of furniture to display them.   Let’s make it happen and change your home to make it work for you. Enjoy where you live and what you own.

In a 3 hour consultation I can start to restyle your home – making a plan.  Is heavy furniture crowding your light? Are colours conflicting? Does your home flow?  Is the yearly used camping gear in the hall cupboard when it should be in the garage, and the often used beach gear jammed in a back corner?  Can you find your clothes, your shoes your jewellery?  Is there a  place for everything and is everything in its place?

This becomes this…


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