Good to go?



I have just returned from a wonderful explore all about Europe.  Maybe I am the only one who does this, but now I  start to plan my next trip.  ( I am also the one planning lunch when eating breakfast).

So, this leads me to my passport, and something I want you to do with me today.

Please go and find your passport and the passports of all your family.  Yes, where are they? Hopefully somewhere safe but not so safe you can’t find them.

Check the expiry dates and record them in your calendar (whatever that is to you). Then record a reminder to renew.  Some countries require you to have six months validity on your passport. Record dates to renew way before this.  I recommend nine months before, so you can act.

I have a list of important data, and I suggest you do to (more on this another day).  Record your passport information on this data list.  Include date and place of issue as well as number and expiry date.

Take a photo of each passport, at the photo page.  This photo can be stored for possible needs later – just in case you ever lost it.

Always good to go.


4 thoughts on “Good to go?

  1. Hi Nici,
    Yes I have already diarised the same and always leave copies of our passports with Keith and carry a photocopy with us and online incase.
    We too are talking about our next trip….
    Have thoroughly enjoyed this one.
    Hope to see you soon in the Hunter maybe?
    Take care
    Love Deb & Gordon


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