Venting a little

Am I the only one to see this in my travels?


It looks awful and it can’t be doing anyone any good.  These vents are meant to be filtering the air we breathe.

So, something wonderful happened, or didn’t happen, and you are standing in your home with a few spare moments – don’t sit down.

I challenge you to grab a cloth, a bowl or bucket of warm soapy water and something to step up on and set to cleaning every vent in your house. Grab the vacuum and vacuum them first then wipe them with your damp cloth. While you are at it clean the filters in your dishwasher, vacuum, washing machine and drier.   The dishwasher filters are usually in the base of the machine, the washing machine at the base and the drier usually somewhere around the door or part of the door itself. The purpose of these are again to filter – no good if they are all clogged up.


Well done!!  Breath easy and adopt this challenge forever. Being organised is a lovely state of mind. Chaos to calm.


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