Beautiful things make my world go around.

The joy of an open air food market, a spice bazaar, a homewares mecca, an antiques fair or a beautiful boutique. I travel, I breathe, therefore I shop.

It’s the thrill of the chase, the feeling of being alive, finding a treasure.

I source home wares, furniture, plants and flowers to style clients homes and for photo shoots.  I used to own a little hotel in the country and am a linen and bedding fanatic.

I make my own range of stone jewellery. The stones are sourced from the Greek, British and Croatian islands.  Every stone is different and chosen for the naturally occurring hole in it.  I combine the stones with rubber and silver.  Each piece is hand made, unique and very comfortable to wear as the balance stone on the back allows you to wear at the length suitable for your outfit.

I aim to share my favourites with you.

. IMG_5400 IMG_4799 IMG_2715 IMG_1731 IMG_6144

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