The Wolseley


It’s my favourite London restaurant.

The experience starts in the street – so much more than a street – it’s Piccadilly. A moment from The Ritz Hotel, The Royal Academy and Fortnum & Mason.


The door is whisked open by a uniformed doorman (loving that) and you plunge into a dark and fabulous world. Black and white décor, opulent lighting, soaring ceilings – it is a bygone era. Welcome to the Wolseley Motor Company showrooms designed in 1921.


Waiters are in black & whites, tablecloths are crisp, the cutlery is real silver and plates are monogrammed. Bathrooms are marble and hand towels are linen. It’s all deliciously, frightfully, decadently, charmingly,this is why I love London, English.



The food is bistro style and just excellent. The omelette cooked to perfection. The bread roll and butter are truly delicious. The smoked haddock divine. Freshly shucked oysters served properly. Kedgeree took me back to a happy childhood place.


All sounds pompous and expensive but it’s not. The waiters are cheeky and your fellow dinners are mainly pretending to be posh.

Book way in advance for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Nirvana is a morning marvelling at the art in the Royal Academy, a walk down the Burlington Arcade, long lunch at the Wolseley and a spot of shopping at Fortnum and Mason.

Pop on your glad rags and head to Piccadilly.









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