Time to sort out your wardrobe.

Today is the perfect day to plan a wardrobe sort out.


Go straight to your wardrobe – do you like the way it is?


Time to act.

Having a long weekend ahead and a nip in the air, summer clothes can be put at the back and you can discover your winter clothing wonderland (or lack of in my case).

  1. Roughly count the number of clothes hangers you have – lets say 100.
  2. Mark time in your diary, soon, for say 4 hours. This is when the big life changing wardrobe cleanout is going to happen.
  3. Ask a friend to come and help. So many decisions to be made – thinking a close friend that you can have fun with – someone that knows you well and has the same style as you. Thinking of Sex in the City movie – Carrie’s wardrobe, try on’s, laughter and champagne.
  4. Stock up on bottles – it’s thirsty work
  5. Buy some great clothes hangers – timber are lovely but do take up more space. IKEA black or white, and new fluro coloured plastic ones are pretty good in that they pack very flat and I like the idea of colours – then you can identify easily say pants, exercise gear, long sleeves and tops. Aim to get rid of all wire coat hangers and all non matching ones – you deserve new coat hangers. If you counted 100 in the beginning buy less than that – you need to be ruthless and reduce your clothes.
  6. Buy some large plastic bags.
  7. Buy / prepare a bag or box for a memory box, this is where your memory clothes are going to go.


Stage 2 soon so get to it …

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