Your new wardrobe.

IMG_7129 Take a photo of your old ….


Find a large surface near your wardrobe – beds are perfect -clear it of everything and place a few towels down to protect the surface.


Start at the beginning and remove say half your wardrobe and place it on the bed.

Grab your washing basket and your garbage bags – –

1 is going to be rubbish – 2 for charity, 3 for dry cleaning, and 4 your washing basket for anything that needs washing or repair.

Have another box or bag 5 ready for sentimental clothes – you may never wear them again but you want to keep them.

Are you aiming to remove out of season clothes to another space – ie beach clothes to a box – if so get a box, bag 6 ready for them

Clean your empty half wardrobe really well.

Looking and smelling good!! Grab your new coat hangers.

Now what deserves to go into your beautiful clean wardrobe?

Have a good look at your wardrobe – what is the most sensible place for each item – which items do you use the most – they should be at the front. Which items fit into which space?

Time to set some rules –

What to do with clothes that don’t fit? Some are easy to part with – either rubbish or charity. Deal with the easy ones first – both those that are easy to part with and those that you love and go straight back into the wardrobe because you will get back to wearing it.

Realistically – what are you going to wear again? Try things on – have fun, take your friends advice – try different combinations. Have a glass…

Try not to get alarmed by the mess – just pick up one item of clothing at a time and really look at it . Do you love it? Does it fit?   Put each item in its place – charity, rubbish, out of season, a keeper in your keeper box or back in the wardrobe for ready to wear…

Some clothes may be duplicates – as you are hanging clothes back in the wardrobe, or putting them back in drawers – put like clothes together. For example – jeans – you may not realise how many pairs you have – so put them all together and at the end have a try on – which ones still work. Long sleeve shirts, dresses etc

Have a think about folding versus hanging – what fits your space? When folding – maybe easier to roll some items ?

Just keep going – one item at a time.

Then look back and enjoy.




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