When I was young my girlfriend loved lamingtons.  I never quite got it – ok, it’s cake and it’s chocolate but underwhelming.

Then I learned the secret – the smaller the lamington the more chocolate in relationship to the cake  – and frankly that’s what its all about. Size does matter…

SO easy to make.

Buy a vanilla butter cake mix  – a good one, and make up according to instructions …but bake in a slice tin (shallow and rectangular ) or a square tin.  When cool wrap in foil and freeze. Frozen cake so much easier to cut and dip without it all falling apart.

In a saucepan on the stove whisk (it’s like stirring but with a whisk), together 300ml milk + 100g butter + 6 tablespoons icing sugar + 4 tablespoons good quality cocoa powder. Keep whisking and bring to the boil and turn off. .Cool for 10 minutes.

Now the good bit  – set yourself up along a line…. frozen cake on a chopping board  …  chocolate which should be warm and in a long container – like a jug for easy dip (can microwave a little to keep it  liquid if needed ) then a plate of good quality dessicated (I like the longer  shreaded more random one) coconut.  Cut the cake into small squares, like 2cm  – dont worry if they are not perfect  – its home cooking – its supposed to be random.  Insert a skewer into frozen cake square and dip into chocolate sauce and coat all sides, let drip for a second then into coconut – roll all about so covered on all sides.  Can be helpful to have a trusty assistant at this point.

They will be devoured in less time than it takes them to defrost.


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