rhubarb + tea = yum

I love rhubarb but I have been cooking it all wrong my whole life.  Maybe you have been too? Stewing/simmering in a little water and sugar as grandma used to do results in a stringy sloppy mess.

Try baking it  – 20 minutes at 180 degrees in a shallow dish covered in a solution of tea.


Yep tea. I am talking a tea bag in hot water.  Ginger tea with rhubarb works a treat  – even use 2 bags.

After baking for 20 minutes pour the juices only into a saucepan add brown sugar to taste and reduce to a syrup and pour back over the rhubarb. SO GOOD.


While I am on the tea subject  – all fruit is great poached in tea. Cooking pears in red wine, most recipes call on red wine and water. Why ever add water ? What about Licorice tea, Earl Grey or a smoky Russian Caravan.    Quinces with Lady Grey, peaches in Green tea, plums in Camomile.  Sounding better than just water to me.


Go crazy –  experiment with your tea.



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