Christmas is a beautiful time, even better if you are organised

  Christmas is 3 weeks away. So, no more head in the sand, it’s time to organise. List making is a great habit to practice at any time, but at Christmas, it’s a life saver.  Making your lists on a spreadsheet means doing a template once and using it again every year. Start with the gift … More Christmas is a beautiful time, even better if you are organised

Life Without Strings is ready to go… It’s all new and shiny.

  In my work over the years I have seen many homes and families and the many ways we all live. Life is busy. Paperwork piles up. Broken things didn’t get fixed.  Things you love are not respected. We work so hard yet live without the calm of an ordered life. Life gets on top of us. Welcome Life … More Life Without Strings is ready to go… It’s all new and shiny.


Hi I am changing this blog a little.  It comes in line with my new, about to launch business  Life Without Strings.  This current nici.stanford blog will be more about travel, food and fossic  – the jewellery I make.(check out the Fossic page on I would love you to join Life Without Strings as … More Scotland

Venting a little

Am I the only one to see this in my travels? It looks awful and it can’t be doing anyone any good.  These vents are meant to be filtering the air we breathe. So, something wonderful happened, or didn’t happen, and you are standing in your home with a few spare moments – don’t sit … More Venting a little

Good to go?

  I have just returned from a wonderful explore all about Europe.  Maybe I am the only one who does this, but now I  start to plan my next trip.  ( I am also the one planning lunch when eating breakfast). So, this leads me to my passport, and something I want you to do … More Good to go?

Stain no more

  Tea and coffee cups all stained?  Coffee pots all brown? Dissolve dishwasher tablets in boiling water  (say a tablet for every 3 cups)  and pour into your cups.  Soak overnight.  Then rinse cups and wash in the dishwasher as normal. Sparkle Sparkle.  

Introducing fossic

I have added a new string to   I CREATE. I found a beautiful stone in the Croatian Islands with a hole in it.  I started fossicking about on coastlines in the Greek, Croatian and British Islands to see if I could find more  – beautiful stones with naturally occurring holes. If you have ever looked for them, they … More Introducing fossic

Start at the beginning

It’s the new year. All those resolutions…  Maybe to be more organised, live a lighter life ?? So here’s where to start … at the beginning  – with the fridge. Its the easiest place to start, its so non emotional, the food within carries little guilt  – well, oopss I meant to make something out of that, … More Start at the beginning