Life Without Strings is ready to go… It’s all new and shiny.


LWS Screen

In my work over the years I have seen many homes and families and the many ways we all live. Life is busy. Paperwork piles up. Broken things didn’t get fixed.  Things you love are not respected. We work so hard yet live without the calm of an ordered life. Life gets on top of us.

Welcome Life Without Strings. It’s a membership group. The aim is to inspire and teach you by practical guided projects. Leading you to a simple, organised, home, office, way of life and state of mind. From the chaos I see to the calm that your life could be.

Of course this is all well and good but the hardest part is to test the system and market it. You are a friend of and I respect your opinion.

Could you pretty please take a moment to have a look at the new website and grab the free trial to receive a sample project. I would love your comments, your shares and generally any assistance you would be willing to offer.

Life Without Strings is also on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Please follow if you want to.

This blog will continue and be more focused on travel, food and style so please continue to follow.

Thanks a million in advance.


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