Christmas is a beautiful time, even better if you are organised


Christmas is 3 weeks away. So, no more head in the sand, it’s time to organise.


List making is a great habit to practice at any time, but at Christmas, it’s a life saver.  Making your lists on a spreadsheet means doing a template once and using it again every year.

Start with the gift list. Make columns for names, the gift, where to get it, when you need it and costs (so you can keep a track of it all – yikes). Date your work book then next year it’s easy to see who you buy for, and what you gave them. Online shopping can save you time and money but be aware of delivery times. Buy a couple of extra gifts, ‘just in case”.

Work on gifts you need to post first. Go to the post office only once… those queues…

For Christmas cards  – it’s easy to set up a card list in contacts.  Select ‘new group’ from file at the top. Drag and drop contacts that you want to send to into your new Christmas card list.  That’s done now forever.  You can send a group email using this list. Buy stamps now.

Make a list of any cooking you need to do and start to get recipes and shopping lists together. Pre-order things like ham or seafood and plan shopping times for the rest.

Have a think about others that may be alone this Christmas.  What you could do to make their Christmas happier?

What about the house –are you entertaining?  Have a look about and make a list of things needed to be done and get started. Book any services needed, cleaners?

Where are the Christmas decorations?

If you are holidaying – where are your pets going? Who is watering the garden? Does the car need to be serviced before the drive?  Where is your passport?

How is your wardrobe looking for upcoming events? Make sure your festive favourites (that santa suit?) are ready to wear.

Do yourself a favour  – be organised this Christmas. x

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