Labels Tags and Stickers

Curses be to labels, tags & stickers, especially those that don’t come off easily.

Get into the habit of getting out the scissors every time you have something new and carefully cutting off the label or tag.


There is nothing attractive about a new shirt with a label sticking out. The big labels inside your clothes are just waiting to be removed. Unless you hang using the ribbon that shops use to stop things falling off coat hangers  – cut it off.


Sheets, are the only item I leave with a label. Use a laundry marker to write on the size of the linen – king, queen, single etc or guest, main, kids etc. Anything to make it easier to identify later.

Remove stickers from your beautiful stainless steel fridge, dishwasher and washing machine.  A new bathroom + stickers on the toilet just looks wrong.

After the IKEA trek, the sticker removal could take just as long, every glass, every plate. Some need soaking, others goo remover, some gumption and lots of elbow action. Tricky but worth it. Cut those big IKEA labels off new pillows and cushions, they make an annoying scrunching sound when you lie on them..

They just don’t add anything to anything.


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