Start at the beginning

It’s the new year.

All those resolutions…  Maybe to be more organised, live a lighter life ??

So here’s where to start … at the beginning  – with the fridge.


Its the easiest place to start, its so non emotional, the food within carries little guilt  – well, oopss I meant to make something out of that, but nothing belonged to my departed mum, or was so expensive that I feel bad about the parting.

Its a great quick exercise, give me an half an hour and I promise you the moon.

Start now, before you shop, grab an empty bin, put on some music and clear a large surface on your bench top.   Begin with the top shelf.  Take everything off it and on to the bench.  Now clean it properly  – don’t use hot water  -this  can crack the shelves  – but luke warm is OK,   remove the shelf it you can  into the sink but if not spray with cleaner and get into it. I want perfect, the whole hog – the top of the fridge and the sides as well.

Check out every item you put back  – do you want it ? is it within use by? If so place it back in an order where you can find it again.

Progress down the fridge, shelf after shelf.

Same applies to the vegetable bins at the bottom.  Take them out, throw away, clean then vegetables in.

Stand back – enjoy your work and let this inspire you onwards..



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