Take 5 minutes and keep your house clean.

Find two old soft white sports socks that you don’t need – two of the million odd socks that end up in your world. Write clean now on them with a laundry marker. They are your friends.

They are going to live in the washing machine and be washed with every load of washing that you do.

So wash – whatever colour you do – deal with the washing line or drier, find your two friends – they are now the perfect degree of dampness for cleaning.

Pop them on your hands and run about the room wiping surfaces, light switches, lampshades, tops of artwork, window ledges – whatever needs love. Make your friends dirty and throw them back in the washing machine ready for the next load.

And repeat forever …every load… changing rooms…



4 thoughts on “TINY TIP

  1. I just loooove that you’re idea makes me want to do that… with cleaning a by-product of the great idea…. a cleaning procrastinator… maybe the socks might make me procrastinate about wanting to wash too… ooops… ;-)) Selecting my socks tonight!!! Thank you Thank you xx


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