David Bowie is


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Middle aged, grey haired ladies, with a smile of recollection, doing a bit of a head nod and a toe tap. I love it.

David Bowie is,

the exhibition at the V & A London 2013, is mind opening.

Giving everyone head phones on entry is no new idea, but they don’t talk you through the exhibition, they play you through.  Walk to a screen showing a fantastic old Bowie video, the song plays, move to the next and spookily the music corresponds. Point being, you find yourself lost in the music, the images, the era.

I had never really thought about Bowie as more than a pop star from my youth, but yes they are right, he did lead the way…

A singer being a character. Aladdin Sane, Ziggy Stardust, Thin White Duke, Major Tom, and the costumes that went with each one.  The cool artwork in the form of album covers (remember what that means? Anyone?). The videos  – in an era when a music video was just a recording of the musicians playing the song.  All done by the man himself in collaboration with designers and artists.

Bowie lives on in more than the music, there is the merchandise:  Bowie fridge magnets and ‘the best dress up fun you’ll have with a pair of scissors’ Bowie paper doll book   – who ever knew…

Bowie as a person  – so thin, so cool  – right on the edge and I guess that is why the show is sold out and the ladies are a nodding.

David Bowie R I P.

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