An hour and $50 can change your world

I am often asked by clients what is the first thing I need to do in order to – “live a more stylish life”, “create order”, “begin to change”, “take charge” etc.


This is it.

Find an hour. You can do this. There are 168 hours in every week – we are just talking one for you..

Play music, dress down and clean something. Get energetic – a power hour – go for it!

Windows are a great place to start – the ones you look through the most. Put an old towel on the floor. Next wash the glass with a wettex/chux/ cloth, using warm water and dishwashing liquid and dry them with a window cleaning blade. I dry the blade between each stroke with another smaller old towel. Amazing how dirty even the insides of a window can get. Let the light in, and see the difference.



Or clean all the light switches, clean the front of the kitchen cupboards. It doesn’t matter what you clean – just clean for an hour and enjoy the changes.

Revel in the feeling and the smell of clean. You have just made a great start.

Next with your $50 go and buy a beautiful potted plant – a whole plant and a whole pot. It can have flowers or not – just something that speaks to you.

Choose a spot where you will see it all the time, where it can inspire more change. Enjoy the way that plant improves your world.

Congratulations – you are on the way…

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