Playing with flowers

  Have fun with flowers – they add joy and warmth to your home Play with different jars and vases – mix it up.  Make an arrangement withcandles, stones or bowls of fruit. I try to work with odd numbers – 3 vases, 5 jars, different heights and varying styles. Play with greenery  – the same type of … More Playing with flowers

Your new wardrobe.

 Take a photo of your old …. Find a large surface near your wardrobe – beds are perfect -clear it of everything and place a few towels down to protect the surface. Start at the beginning and remove say half your wardrobe and place it on the bed. Grab your washing basket and your garbage … More Your new wardrobe.

The Wolseley

  It’s my favourite London restaurant. The experience starts in the street – so much more than a street – it’s Piccadilly. A moment from The Ritz Hotel, The Royal Academy and Fortnum & Mason. The door is whisked open by a uniformed doorman (loving that) and you plunge into a dark and fabulous world. … More The Wolseley


  Take 5 minutes and keep your house clean. Find two old soft white sports socks that you don’t need – two of the million odd socks that end up in your world. Write clean now on them with a laundry marker. They are your friends. They are going to live in the washing machine … More TINY TIP

31 days

The start of a new year – the opportunity to wipe out the old and start anew. New Years Resolution time and after reading lots of advice on what to do and what not to do, I am going with the simple plan of working on resolutions for only January… a year far too daunting – … More 31 days