A word about keys


When all goes right we have them. When we don’t it is no fun.

I have stood outside my apartment at 11pm, after doing a garbage run, with nothing but a set of keys to my car, grabbed by mistake.  No, thank god I wasn’t naked.  After hours locksmiths, are no fun and expensive. If only I had a house key in my car…

Image 1

Do you have spare keys to the important things? Your home? Your car? Your storage? Your office? Where are they? Are they labelled?

Do other members of your family know where to find them?

Who has keys to your life? Does your cleaner have one? Your friend? Is it recorded?

So time to do the exercise.  What are the important keys? Where are they? Who has a copy? Write it down.

Image 2

Anything missing? Go to the locksmiths and get them cut, buy some tags if you don’t have any, test the keys work and label them. Decide where to put them – a bowl, in the safe, on hooks?  Put a spare house key in your car, and a spare car key in your house and maybe both in the office or with a friend.


Just do it.


3 thoughts on “A word about keys

  1. Wise counsel. My builder (doing a renovation on my apartment) has my only spare set of keys and, coincidentally, this morning he called me to say that he had locked himself out of the apartment. Fortunately, I was nearby (running late for work) and could let him back in. I am sending him this blog 🙂 !


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