What a difference a door makes


Adding colour to both internal and external doors makes a big difference to the style of your room. It’s a punch of colour and not as complicated as painting a whole room or wall. I like to paint both sides of a door the same colour, so the effect is double sided but this will depend on your room and the look you are aiming for.

It’s easy to change the look, add some style, and fun.

What about wall paper??


Choosing the right colour is the important part. Look at the colours around the door and aim to pick a colour that works with your room. Aim to pick out the colours of a something in the room  – a painting, or your lounge or maybe just a colour you love? Black doors make a big statement – they add depth and formality, and work well leading you down a hallway. Red and other bright colours can cheer up a dull or overly simple décor.

Picture 011

Doors are often painted in gloss paint and this can look fabulous. Gloss finishes are easier to clean and are more resistant to chipping in high traffic areas. Semi gloss can work with areas that are quieter, where the impact of the door is going to be less of a feature.


Front doors in bright colours make a big statement and tell the world a little about the owners …



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