Recently I locked myself out of my car while working  – yes stupid but I learnt a lesson.


Self locking cars are great until you throw everything – including your bag and phone into the passenger seat and walk around to get into the driver’s door.   I put my hand to the door handle and heard that locking sound that you don’t want to hear when your keys are in the car …

So there I stood with nothing – no keys, no money and no phone. May as well take my brain…

I didn’t know one phone number – not one. I was offered me a  phone but who to call?  Ok the NRMA, and I could google that but, it brought home the reality – I didn’t know one phone number. Do you know even one phone number?

A part of being an organised person is to have a contingency plan.  What happens if?

Today – learn at least one phone number – just in case…


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