Would you like an easier life?

Would you like an easier life this year?


Let’s start with just one thing. Let’s make it your most annoying daily thing.

Think on these things that my clients had struggled with for at least a year … 

A garage door that only works on manual, because the remote doesn’t work – so, getting out of car to roll up door – in and out – all day. Solution –new battery in the remote. 15 minutes in the hardware store. Cost $16.

Panel above dishwasher drops and needs lifting to open door – every time, in and out, all day everyday. Solution – 1 phone call to a handyman – 15 minutes. Cost $60

5 different keys needed for doors in one house – maximum frustration, which key for which door?  Solution – 1 phone call to locksmith to key all doors alike – now 1 key.  Cost $190.

50 potted plants on the balcony , they need watering every day. Solution watering system and timer. Time to install 1 hour. Cost $150.

If I gave you $200 and 1 extra hour in your life today – and I asked you about that annoying thing that takes your time every day and if solved would make life – just easier …

Think about energy levels doing these things versus energy to solve the problem.















Just do it and enjoy the whole of 2017 without one more hassle. Life has enough…

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